Shiloh Bible Training Centre for Pastors


Shiloh Bible Training Center for Pastors was founded by Archbishop Samuel Richard Addae in Tanoso in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, after he had completed his ministerial course in Croydon, London, in the United Kingdom and ordained by Archbishop Malachi Ramsay, founder and leader of Shiloh United Church of Christ Apostolic Worldwide in 1986. I came to start the Church in October 1995.

In 1994, Archbishop Dr. S.R Addae organized Pastors seminar at Yaa Asantewaa Secondary School for four (4) days for the past students whom he had ordained and the current students doing the Corresponding course. Other pastors from different Churches were invited as well.

Archbishop Dr. S.R Addae started the Bible College upon the advice of Archbishop Malachi Ramsay (founder and Overseer of Shiloh United Church of Christ Apostolic Worldwide) on his visit to Ghana.

Purpose for the Bible College

  • To give the ministers of God who cannot leave their Churches to attend a Bible College somewhere a deeper knowledge about the Word of God.
  • To help Pastors who do not know Jesus as Lord and personal Savior to know Him personally and relate with Him intimately.
  • To help Pastors to know their specific calling and what it entails.
  • To help Pastors and church leaders to properly and systematically study and interpret the Bible in order to “correctly handle the Word of Truth” so that they may be equipped for every good work.
  • To lead Pastors and Church leaders to an awareness of their need to personally apply and obey the Bible as they preach and teach others.