Archbishop Dr. Samuel Richard Addae

Archbishop Dr S R Addae

Archbishop Dr. Samuel Richard Addae was born on 2nd June 1946 at Adonkwanta in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He got converted at the age of twenty-two years. He attended Ofori Panin Secondary School, Training Colleges and University (refer to History of Bible Colleges).

After sitting at the feet of Archbishop Malachi Ramsey, the founder of Shiloh United Church Of Christ Apostolic Worldwide for training for four years,he returned to Ghana to start a branch of the church in Kumasi 1985.

After been in Kumasi for five years and knowing some of the young pastors in the city, he realized that most of them have the call of God on their lives and the zeal to do the Lord’s work but they lacked the theological knowledge and direction. “WHO IS THE PASTOR’S PASTOR?”.

The Lord therefore laid on his heart to start a correspondence course for them which he contacted his Archbishop for materials for the courses.He was consecrated as Bishop for Shiloh United Church in Ghana and West Africa in 1990. Archbishop Samuel Richard Addae was given the mandate to train and ordain ministers by Archbishop Malachi Ramsey. In 1994,he started the residential school after meeting Dr. Dennis J. Mock at Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A. for course manual. (refer to history about Shiloh Bible Training Centre for Pastors.)

He has trained and ordained more than two thousand pastors and Evangelist who have established churches and others are associate pastors and Evangelist around the globe to the glory of God.

Archbishop Samuel Richard Addae was married to the late Mrs.Beatrice Addae for thirty-five years.He has four children, two boys and two girls who are all married.

He possesses the qualities of leadership and fatherly love.His humility and hard work has won him the admiration of many pastors and people from all walks of life he has come across in his life.He is open to everybody and affable.

His actions are guarded by the fact that the gospel of Jesus Christ should be preached to the uttermost part of the world.He wants to see every minister be a man or woman to be first, the child of God who is truly called by God to succeed in his or her calling according to the will of God and also bring unity to the body of Christ as Jesus prayed in His priestly prayer in saint John gospel chapter 17.