Archbishop Dr. S.R Addae consoles flood victims

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Story by: Gyebi Isaac

President of the International Council of Churches and Ministers of Great Britain and the Principal of Shiloh Bible Training Centre for Pastors, Archbishop Dr. Samuel Richard Addae in the wake of last Wednesday’s devastating twin tragedy of flood and fire outbreak in Accra has earned him several admirations with a cross-section of the populace and has sent words of consolation to the families of the deceased.

Archbishop Dr. Addae addressing the press earlier this morning indicated that, he was heartbroken when he saw the news on a television station, and then he quickly called most of his pastors together to pray for those perishing souls to ask God to preserve their souls and give them good rest.

The Archbishop later in his submission indicated that the government should enforce necessary measures to make sure that such a devastating story never happens again to innocent citizens of the country.

“It’s true the climate is changing – I’m no scientist but still a firm believer that the state of things aren’t as they should be and that we are all to blame for it. However, let us leave that discussion aside and concentrate on what can actually be done to protect more people and businesses from the misery called flooding. We can do something, a lot quicker. We just need to be better organized and get more funding for temporary flood barriers” Archbishop Dr. S.R Addae said.