Archbishop Addae holds three days Seminar in Sunyani for Pastors


New Covenant Life Chapel in partnership with Gospel network in Sunyani over the weekends invited the President of the International Council of Churches and Ministers of Great Britain and the Principal of Shiloh Bible Training Centre for Pastors, Archbishop Dr. Samuel Richard Addae to lecture them on the role and the purpose of leadership.

The purpose of the Leadership Skills seminar is to strengthen current Pastors and Reverend Ministers in Sunyani with a powerful, more distinguished dimension in their ministry. It is understood by most leaders that effective management is a qualification to being viewed as a great leader. The three days leadership seminar has strengthened from an interest to a need.

According to Archbishop Dr. Addae, Leadership is built on solid management skills. This foundation provides the essentials necessary for supporting and sustaining your management qualities and performances. Maintaining a balance between achieving results and developing your people is the key to successful management.

After completing this day Leadership Skills workshop, participants understood:

  • Implement practical steps for self-improvement
  • Master the fundamentals of leadership
  • Build confidence
  • Set long-term/visionary goals
  • Understand how leadership styles affect team members and how to adjust those styles to gain commitment
  • Build trust and reduce resistance to change
  • Impact productivity and team effectiveness through sharpening your communication and interpersonal skills